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Step into the extraordinary world of Kristof, the Loopstation champion at the esteemed Kickback Beatbox Battle 2021 and the Vokal.Total 2023, two highly prestigious international competitions in the beatboxing universe. Kristof is a phenomenal singer, looper, beatboxer, and multi-instrumentalist, known for his versatility and prowess.
Kristof elevates his performances by adding a unique twist – he improvises songs live on stage, engaging the crowd and shaping his music in real-time. This dynamic interaction creates a one-of-a-kind experience as Kristof seamlessly transitions between genres, from House, Techno, Drum and Bass, and Dubstep to Hip Hop and Funk.

As a master of the Loopstation, Kristof weaves a musical tapestry that transcends traditional boundaries, showcasing his ability to blend different styles effortlessly. His performances are a testament to his skill as a singer and multi-instrumentalist, making each show a captivating journey through diverse musical landscapes. Experience the magic of Kristof's live performances, where the audience becomes an integral part of the musical creation process. Join us in celebrating Kristof, the Loopstation champion, as he continues to push the boundaries of beatboxing, live improvisation, and genre-blending, setting a new standard in the vibrant world of beatbox competitions!


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