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Dario, a seasoned professional and key contributor to Framemade's success, traces his remarkable journey from a bank clerk to a project leader in vocational training in the Grisons. His story is marked by passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.


Transitioning from his role as a Regulatory Affairs Manager, Dario's current position as a Project Leader demonstrates his finesse in navigating diverse landscapes. His strategic thinking seamlessly integrates with hands-on execution, showcasing a genius for planning and regulatory matters.


As a proud member of Framemade, Dario embodies the company's values, propelling their mission of delivering top-notch vocational training and unforgettable exhibitions. His evolution from banking to vocational training, from Regulatory Affairs Manager to exhibition orchestrator, epitomizes the fusion of skill, vision, and heart that de fi nes Framemade and leaves an indelible mark on every endeavor.




Konrad, a visionary Video and Music Producer, has left an indelible mark on the beatbox scene, earning acclaim for exceptional productions and becoming adriving force in the industry.

During his tenure as the head of production at Swissbeatbox, the world's largestbeatbox platform with an impressive 4 million YouTube subscribers, Konrad established a strong foundation and a wide-reaching network that transcendsborders, connecting artists and enthusiasts.

Renowned for his unmatched prowess as a content creator, Konrad consistently delivers captivating visuals and resonant sounds that go beyond the beatbox community. His expertise extends to commercial projects for esteemed brands like WWE, TUI, Boss Roland, and more, showcasing versatility as a media producer with precision and creativity.


Explore the multifaceted world of Konrad Wiebe, where innovation meetsimagination, and artistry knows no limits. Discover the journey that has defined hiscareer, propelling him to the forefront of the video and music production landscape.




An exceptional Project Manager who orchestrates the rhythm of video and musicproductions. With a background as a trained clerk for audiovisual media, Eileen brings a keen eye for detail to every project she oversees. Her innate ability to communicate effectively, coupled with her knack for multitasking, makes her an invaluable asset in the fast-paced world of entertainment.


Eileen's role goes beyond just scheduling; she crafts seamless timelines that bring artists' visions to life. Her dedication to perfection ensures that every production hits the right note and captures the essence of creativity. From coordinating shoots to liaising with artists, Eileen's behind-the-scenes magic keeps our projects in sync and our clients amazed.




Mario's professional journey kicked off with a comprehensive commercial apprenticeship in an office setting, followed by a deep dive into the world of Information Science. Currently contributing his skills to Framemade's IT team, Mario brings a wealth of expertise to the tech realm.

However, Mario's story extends beyond the confines of the office. With a musical connection forged through previous involvement as a Steeldrummer in a Fasnacht group , Mario's love for festivals, concerts, and club music knows no bounds. As he aptly puts it, "Music, to me, signifies expression, lightness, and a profound sense of self." Join Mario on his multifaceted journey, where the worlds of IT and music converge in a harmonious blend of passion and expertise.


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